Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Taste the wine!

Although I don't drink wine, I love the smell of both red wine and white wine so much. While other drink wine, I prefer smell it and let my mate drink it. For me, just from the wine's smell, I can taste it in my mind .. well of course the taste is not so accurate.

Talking about wineries and taste, has developed a unique identifier for one's taste on certain wine called TasteID. With this ID, I bet you can get more accurate recommendation which are tailored uniquely just for you and suit your taste.

Unfortunately they are still developing their wine store, so I can't go further to their store and see what the wineries inventory is look like. But I bet when it is done with the development process, to find merlot or chardonnay is a piece of cake!

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Get home loans or auto loans no matter how bad is your credit history

The Number of people with bad credit is increasing day by day, for you that maybe still unaware with this words, people with a bad credit history usually will have some problems when they want to get some loans because certain financial institution wil check their credit background first.

But is different from other institutions, instead to reject people with bad credit history, it allow people with bad credits find the best credit offer to fit their needs, regardless of a bad credit history. And their offers are including some high platform credits such as home loans and auto loans.

So people with bad credit history should not have to worry, because they can get bad credit loans disregarding how bad are their credit history.

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pay less for domain registration

It might be an ordinary website provide domain registration service. I believe there are thousands of similar website spreading in the net. And price are quite varying, slightly cheaper or more expensive offers amongst those web/service, are also appropriate ways to gain visitors.

The big thing that makes difference between domain registration websites I think is the service behind it. Not the bonuses, not the price, it is 'just the man behind the gun'. If their services are better than others, domain seeker will come to their service, and just don't care about the price, bonuses and other offers. is a domain registration service, based in Australia and offers standard top level domains and few popular Australia's and New Zealand's domains that confidently entered the busy domain market and is trying to have a good marketplace in domain business.

This domain registration seems seriously building customer's confidence by offering many bonuses, special discounts, bulk domains price and (hopefully) good services.

Want to proof the service? Just drive your browser to , and feel the service yourself.

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